Cooking with Commercial Microwaves

Hi everyone, my name is Dennis Koin and I am the owner of The Restaurant.  To read my full bio, check out the “About” option on the top menu and select my name.  My friends Angel Caque and Tony Stromboli will be featured as well, and we are all very excited to inform you of some new and great products as well as some tried and true ones.

In honor of my first post, we are having a blowout special on Commercial Microwaves by Amana.  The RCS10DA is my favorite because although this microwave Oven may be small, it’s mighty powerful and fast with 1,000 Watts of power.  This Commercial Microwave is perfect for establishments with medium level volume.  It is also ideal for kitchens with multiple employees because it has a 6 minute timer, therefore making it harder to “set, forget and therefore burn.”  Less burned items means less waste and therefore resulting in larger wallets.  Can’t complain about that!–restaurant-equipment/microwaves/medium-duty-microwaves/ProdDesc-RCS10DA-48032.aspx

Amana - Commercial Microwave Oven- Medium Duty- 1,000 Watts - #RCS10DA

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