Keeping it warm with holding ovens

I’m back for round two!  Today I’m going to talk to you all about CresCor Cook-N-Hold Ovens.  These ovens come in both full and half sizes and are perfect for anyone who needs to keep food warm for a long time, while not overcooking it.  The full size oven holds up to 16 (18” x 26”) sheet pans and the half size holds up to 8 (18” x 26”) sheet pans.

In addition to holding food at warm temperatures, this fully insulated stainless steel oven can also be used as a large scale slow cooker.  If you purchase this item from Restaurant Source (and I highly recommend you do), you will save almost 50%!  Now your bottom line can’t argue with that.       

For more information about these Cook-N-Hold Ovens, please visit:

CresCor - Cook and Hold Oven, Full Size (208-240, 1-ph) - #1000-CH-SS

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