Is Disposable China an Oxymoron?

Tony Stromboli here again.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could have plastic dinnerware and flatware that didn’t look fake?  Well now you can!  This Disposable Dinnerware and Flatware by EMI Yoshi is beautiful.  You can’t even tell it’s plastic until you actually touch it and feel how light it really is.  I love these disposable plates and flatware because they literally look just like fine bone china without the mess!  You also don’t have to worry about people being careless and breaking your expensive dishes because these are completely disposable, yet very sturdy.

The plates come in 7.5” salad plates, 10.75” dinner plates, and 6” dessert plates.  You have the option of white plates with either a gold or silver trim or bone color with a gold trim.  The color options are great because they match with just about everything.  These plates are also great for patio dining or outdoor events because they bring a fancy touch to it, without having to worry about people dropping them.

Don’t forget to get the matching EMI Yoshi Disposable Glimmerware Flatware, because what is the point of having beautiful disposable plates if you still have to wash the silverware?

EMI Yoshi - Disposable Dinnerware, Flatware


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