Don’t make your guests feel overdressed

 Angel Caque, your favorite caterer, here again!  Today we are going to chat about table skirting.  I know, it’s a fun topic, right?  But in all seriousness, although table skirting may seem like a no brainer, there are many things to consider.  Table skirting often goes overlooked.  It’s a product that although it may seem silly, you really can’t go with out because otherwise your tables look unfinished and rather pathetic actually. 

Table skirting can be used in a large variety of settings including meetings, weddings, banquets, buffet lines, etc.  They are a great way to dress up a party without much added costs.  They literally are a skirt for your table, and if you are a female, your wardrobe probably contains at least one skirt/dress that you wear for fancier events.  Now, you wouldn’t want your female guests feeling out of place if they are dressed up, but the tables aren’t, would you?

This table skirting by Snap Drape comes in a variety of sizes including 13’ x 29”, 17.5’ x 29”, and 21.5’ x 29”.  Not only do all of these sizes come in the classic white, but they are also offered in a beautiful burgundy color which allows for you to step outside of the traditional all white setting.  These table skirts are also great for transporting and are very easy to wash.

Snap Drape - Table Skirting


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