Everyone Loves Fried Food!

 Mother’s Day is coming up on May, 8!  Now, I know a deep fryer may not necessarily be what you think your mom wants for mother’s day, and yes, you are probably right.  HOWEVER, at the same time she probably loves fried food, and being that you are involved in the food/restaurant industry in some sort of capacity or you just like to cook, you know that Mom would most likely enjoy some yummy fried food on her big day. 

This 16 lb Commercial Deep Fryer by Centaur allows establishments to fry up to 16lbs of fried goodness per hour!  Although mom may not order a large platter of onion rings for her meal, she will probably order something with a side of fries or perhaps a small funnel cake topped with various fruit compotes.  Regardless of what she orders, many people enjoy fried foods and this stainless steel deep fryer allows for a large variety of food options.

Are you the one who gets stuck with the fun job of cleaning the fryer?  Well, if so, you will love this Commercial Deep Fryer by Centaur because it makes cleaning extremely quick and easy.  The time you save on cleaning this machine allows for you to focus on other important things such as what to get your mom for mother’s day…

Anyone ever had fried Coca-Cola (yes, it does exist)?!


Centaur - 16 lb. Deep Fryer- Single Tank - #ABF16

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