And It Only Weighs 12 lbs!

 This Countertop Induction Range from Centaur is great for catering and large parties!  It is great for traveling and very easy to use.  In fact, it’s one of the most efficient and safe induction fry-pan cooking in the world!  How many items can you say that about?  Not many, exactly!

The Induction Range has 10 power levels allowing it to act just like a normal burner.  Unlike a normal burner though, it has 31 temperature holding positions.  That’s like one holding position for each flavor of Baskin Robbins ice cream (it being 31 flavors and all…)!  Anyways now that I have put that in to perspective, it also has an LED screen to inform you of the exact temperature.  Pretty cool!

All of this any it only weighs 12 lbs!  Pretty much anyone can lift 12 lbs…–kitchen-supplies/induction-cookware/induction-stoves/ProdDesc-AIN10-41626.aspx

Centaur - Induction Range- Countertop - #AIN10

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