Vacationing to Margaritaville for Cinco De Mayo!

   Happy Cinco De Mayo!  In honor of this fantastic margarita focused holiday, not only am I wearing a festive sombrero, but I’m also going to talk about the Vita-Mix 48oz Commercial Food Blender.  Everyone loves margaritas!

This VitaPrep Commercial Food Blender is one of the highest powered blenders out there.  Not only is it great for making margaritas of course, but it offers multiple speed levels allowing you to chop, grind, blend or puree almost anything.  This versatile Vita-Prep is great for large volume establishments that want to maintain quality and efficiency.

Additionally, this Commercial Food Blender will not overheat due to increased usage.  Some may consider this a perk, but I consider it a necessity.  What is the point of buying a blender if it’s going to overheat and you can’t use it for everything you need? 

I’ll take a side of chips with that frozen margarita!–restaurant-equipment/food-prep-equip/food-blenders/ProdDesc-1003-15674.aspx

Vita-Mix - 48 oz. Vita-Prep Commercial Food Blender - #1003

One thought on “Vacationing to Margaritaville for Cinco De Mayo!

  1. IT DESERVES A HUNDRED STARS!!! When I first saw this, I didn’t know that it automatically deposits the ice in each picher. I saw a video of this being demo’d and I was mezmorized. My wife wanted one of these for Christmas and it was the coolest thing I ever bought. The ice is amazing and I can’t look away from it when it’s running. Everytime we have used it the whole crowd is fascinated by this marvel of engineering. It would be worth the money at twice the price! THIS BABY IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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