Hot Item! (Pun Intended)

 Mother’s Day is this weekend and outdoor cooking season is upon us!  Thinking about having a BBQ for mom’s special day? Restaurant Source is now offering a new Portable Charcoal Grill from Rocky Mountain Cookware that is perfect for all of your outdoor BBQing and tailgating needs! 

This model is perfect for catering and tailgating because it folds up into a 2 wheel dolly (3ft x 2ft x 6”) making it easy to transport.  Clean up is extremely easy with this stainless steel pop up grill.  Free shipping is also available.

TRUE STORY TIME: My friend was working at a restaurant, and one day they lost all their power so none of their equipment worked.  Luckily, they planned ahead and had an outdoor pop up grill available.  The grill cook went outside and grilled everything so the restaurant was able to continue functioning for the next couple of hours.   (*background clapping*)

Tell us about your favorite grilling story, or just let us know what your favorite item is to grill!

Rocky Mountain Cookware - Bear Tooth Portable Charcoal Grill–catering-equipment/outdoor-grills/outdoor-charcoal-grills/ProdDesc-BTG-1-48035.aspx


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