I hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day weekend!  My restaurant was very busy with all kinds of Mother’s Day reservations.  I’m so glad we had this Convection Oven from Cadco on hand!

This convection oven provides even cooking temperatures every time you cook (a trait that many ovens do not actually have) due to the advanced airflow design with patented baffle.  This oven is great for warming items up quickly that you don’t have space for in your regular oven.  The oven cavity is insulated so well, making it extremely energy efficient and therefore saving you money on your energy bill (I love saving money on my energy bill if you hadn’t guessed by now).  The double wall glass door is cool to the touch no matter what temperature the oven is at.  This convection oven is also great for any home countertop.

This oven may be small, but it can reach up to 500 degrees! FREE SHIPPING too!

Another perk about this item?  You will receive a FREE oven basket, heat plate and $750 worth of frozen food coupons when you purchase one of these Cadco Convection Ovens (FYI- the free item package as a whole is valued at more then the cost of some of the actual Cadco Convection Ovens so this is a FANTASTIC deal)!  You have to act fast though because the free items are in limited supply.  Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

Cadco OV-023 1/2 Size Oven


  1. Thanks! We often give away some great free items with your purchase so make sure to keep checking back or subscribe to our blog so you can stay current. These deals usually go fast!

    Also, if you fan us on facebook during the month of May, you will receive an additional 5% off your purchase!

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