It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere. Luckily, This Bar is Portable!

 I love catering, but it can sometimes be hard to work with the space that is provided.  Often, there is no bar at the location, and it has to be man made with folding tables.  This is one of the reasons that I love this Portable Bar from Carlisle!

This portable bar easily fits in any banquet or foodservice environment.  It’s very versatile and can be used anywhere from poolside events to weddings.  The 2 step bar is designed to make drink preparation easier and more organized than a basic table.  You won’t have to worry about people stealing drink garnishes from your bar while waiting for their drinks since you can hide the condiment container behind the bar.  After all, nobody wants multiple dirty hands touching the maraschino cherries and olives that will grace their drinks. 

There is a built in cutting board and 15 gallon ice bin which allows you to utilize the maximum amount of space.  Plus, there is a large amount of additional storage space making it easy to transport while still keeping your items safely tucked inside.  No assembly required!

The bar is also offered in a multitude of colors so visit the link below to choose which works best for you!–bar-equipment-and-supplies/portable-bar-service/ProdDesc-7550-03-24937.aspx

Carlisle - Maximizer Portable Bar (stainless steel) - #7550-44


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