Trash or Recycle?

 Today we have an exciting topic for you- garbage cans!  Cheers in background. 

No matter how much you recycle, you still have trash.  Unless you want to leave your trash on the floor or throw it on the ground (aka be a terrible person and litter – which is a no no), you need a trash can(s).

Let’s be honest, who really wants to go out and shop around for a trashcan?  Restaurant Source makes it easy for you by offering this 32 gallon Garbage Container from Carlisle for only $17.99! 

The decision to purchase this trash can is easy because it is made out of recycled plastic (see, you’re still being good for the environment even when you throw stuff away)!  It’s very durable and hard to tip over.  This is beneficial because you buy a trash can to prevent trash on the floor (see paragraph two).   How can you be disappointed when a product does what it is supposed to do at such a low price?!

Check it out!–kitchen-supplies/janitorial-and-cleaning-supplies/waste-baskets-and-trash-cans/ProdDesc-341032R03-3233.aspx  

Carlisle - 32 gal. Waste Container / Trash Can (black) - #341032R03

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