It’s As If You Really Were Storing Food In The Arctic…

 If I had to pick one piece of equipment to fail during peak business hours, well… I can’t imagine loosing any of them, but nonetheless Restaurant Source wants me to pick so I told them I would be the worst off if my walk-in refrigerator/freezer broke down.  With summer fast approaching, you need to make sure that your walk-ins are in perfect working condition.  Although it will force you other chef’s to be extra creative with food preparation, it will cause a huge loss of inventory not to mention A LOT of unnecessary stress for everyone.

You have the option of purchasing these walk-ins in a variety of sizes depending on your restaurant needs, establishment size, and menu variety among other things.  Refrigerators keep your food at a comfortable 35 degrees F while the freezers maintain a temperature of 0 degrees F.

If you are short on prep area space, the combination Walk-In Refrigerator/Freezers from Arctic are perfect because they don’t take up as much room.

Arctic Walk-In Refrigerators and Freezers  

Arctic Walkins

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