Best Way to Cope With Your Minimal Oven Space

Have you ever wished that you just had a little more space in your commercial oven?  Well, I sure have, and I’m sure you have at some point too.   Rather then buying a whole new oven, I’ve learned that the best way to solve this problem is to utilize a Commercial Microwave Oven for my countertop that I can use for over flow items or extra large party preparations. 

Although there are a lot of great models out there, my favorite Commercial Microwave Oven is this one from Amana.  Not only is this model great for heating up items quickly, it is also very portable and easy to take with me to events.  It is also perfect for medium level establishments such as convenience stores and vending areas. Free shipping too!

I have this pet peeve where people take food out of the microwave, before the timer is up and neglect to cancel the timer…The six minute dial timer on this model makes it so I don’t have to deal with my slightly neurotic pet peeve (I promise I’m not the only one either and I KNOW you know what I’m talking about)!

Amana Commercial Microwave Oven

Amana - Commercial Microwave Oven- Medium Duty- 1,000 Watts - #RCS10DS

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