It’s Rather Unsanitary to Prepare Food on the Floor

 No customer wants you cutting the food you are preparing for them on your kitchen floor.  Talk about sanitation issues!  Due to this commonly understood sanitary guideline, prep kitchens must have prep tables to prepare ingredients on.

I really like the Fausett Stainless Steel Work Tables because they are very reasonably priced.  There is also a shelf below the table that can be utilized for extra equipment storage.  The tables are offered in a large variety of sizes so there is something for all kinds of establishments depending on the size of your kitchen.

Most models come with a Backsplash that keeps your food from getting on the walls or outside of the area you have designated for its prep.

Fausett Stainless Steel Equipment Stands and wall shelving can be utilized for smaller areas and extra storage space.

Fausett Stainless Steel Work Tables

Fausett - Work Table w/ Undershelf & Backsplash, SE-Series, 24" x 30", 430 Stainless Steel Top - #SEWT24S30-STG-2

Fausett Wall Shelving

Fausett - Economy Wall Shelf, 12" x 24" - #EWMS-12-24

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