How to Make Your Dough Rise Faster

 Most restaurants and quick service establishments have bread for their customers.  I don’t care what those low carb diets say, a sandwich without bread isn’t really a sandwich!  A great way to make your bread dough rise faster and in a contained space is to utilize a Heater/Proofer Cabinet.

In order to determine whether you need a Heater/Proofing Cabinet, you need to decide if you will be serving a lot of bread.  Now, if you are say a sandwich place or deli, etc the answer is a definite YES.  The Win-Holt Heater/Proofer Mobile Cabinet can also be used as a holding oven for a large variety of foods.  This specific Proofer reaches a temperature of 115 degrees F, which is perfect for maintaining heat without further cooking your food.  It also has an easy to use dual proof/heat control option.

This Heater/Proofer Mobile Cabinet is full sized and can hold up to 36 (18” x 26”) sheet pans at once.  It also comes with corner bumpers that provide protection to the unit when being moved around your kitchen.  The unit doors are clear, allowing you to watch your dough rise, and the LED thermometer on the outside is very easy to read.

Win-Holt Heater/Proofer Mobile Cabinet

Win-Holt - Heater / Proofer Mobile Cabinet- Non-Insulated - #NHPL-1836

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