Everyone Loves Free Food, But Why Would You Give It Away Without Your Customers Knowledge??

 One of the most important things in a restaurant is consistency. You don’t want to offer a 6 oz steak on the menu, but then serve an 8 oz portion to your guests because:

  1. You are losing money.
  2. People always prefer larger portions, so if you are going to serve a larger portion and not promote it, well… Do I really have to explain the problem with that…?
  3. If you are going to serve 8 oz one time, the guest will complain the next time when they order the steak and it looks smaller to them (because it is actually 6 oz) and they are paying the same price.
  4. Someone else at the table may have ordered the same steak, but received a smaller portion and therefore will ask why their meal is smaller then the other person’s. You don’t want to have to explain to them that you didn’t take enough care in your kitchen to pre-measure your portion sizes…

Of course, these are not only reasons, but not to worry, there is an extremely easy solution!!  Commercial Food Scales are a great way to ensure consist and accurate portion sizes in restaurant kitchens, prepared food counters, cafeterias, etc.  The Globe Food Service Scales are my favorite because they are extremely well priced and easy to read.  You have the option of a scale that can hold up to 30 lbs and compute individual prices or a scale that can hold up to 11 lbs which is great for prep kitchens.

Price Computing scales are perfect for prepared food counters, delis, etc. because it allows you to calculate the price of a product based on its specific price/lb and the actual weight you are selling.  They are legal for trade and you don’t have to worry about human error!  The battery is rechargeable and the machine automatically shuts off when not in use.  Some models offer the option of printing corresponding labels.

If you are using the scale just for pre-measuring portion sizes, you can go with a Digital Portion Control Scale.  This scale has a removable stainless steel weighing platter so it is easy to clean should you choose to put food directly on it.  You have the option of computing the weight in pounds, kilograms or grams, making it easy to translate recipe measurements.

The pros completely outweigh the cons of a potential loss of customers.  If you are going to lose customers, it better be because of your food quality or bad service, but not because they are angered by the inconsistency of your establishment, something that can so easily be fixed. 

Globe Foodservice Scales

Globe - Electronic Price Computing Scale- Legal for Trade - #GS30

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