A Great Way To Maintain the Freshness of your Ingredients AND Still Be Economical!

 Every type of food service establishment needs somewhere to put their leftover food. Tupperware just doesn’t cut it and it’s often not big enough. Cambro makes some excellent Food Boxes & Storage Containers that are the most durable and economical choice for storing bulk products and ingredients. This is a safe way to eliminate cross contamination and maintain freshness of your ingredients.

Tupperware often breaks if you freeze it or melt if you microwave it, however these Cambro Food Boxes & Storage Containers can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees F to 160 degrees F! These containers are offered in a large variety of sizes, come in both white and clear options, and are made of impact, stain and chemical resistant solid plastic.

Matching snap tight Camwear covers or sliding lids won’t come off during transportation, making them perfect for transportation.

Cambro Food Boxes & Storage Containers

18in x 26in Food Container, 15in deep

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