Easy and Inexpensive Way to Make Your Food Displays More Fun!

 What’s the point of having great food if you can’t display it in an attractive manner?  After all, a large part of whether we actually enjoy a certain food is based on its appearance and presentation.  People don’t like to eat something that does not look appetizing, and therefore they associate it with having a bad taste, regardless of whether it truly is bad.

Your food may taste horrible (although I’m sure you hope it doesn’t), but as long as it looks good, people will still try it.  Not to worry, modular food pans allow for an easy and inexpensive way to make your food look even more appetizing!

I really like the Modular Food Pans from Carlisle because they are not only break resistant and dishwasher safe, but they are very modern looking and will add class to any catered party.  The wavy pattern in these bins is really fun, and the containers can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees F to 212 degrees F so they can be both frozen and safely heated.  These containers are great for salad bars and come in both clear and black.  You also have the option to purchase the matching lids for easy storage and elimination of additional tupperware containers.

Modular Food Pans from Carlisle

Carlisle - Modular Displayware Food Pan, 1/3 Size, 2-1/2" deep (black) - #6986


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