Counteract with Your Countertop

 As much as I love the line equipment in my restaurant, my kitchen would not be able to function 100% of the time without my additional countertop cooking equipment.  I love my countertopbecause we often have overflow of items and need additional cooking space.  The best thing about the countertop equipment is that you can use it in both your restaurant and/or catered events.

The additional Countertop equipment is great for holidays or special events where an establishment may be cooking more food then normal.  I like the Globe Countertop Cooking Equipment because they offer charbroilers, griddles and hotplates in a variety of sizes, cooking methods and models so you can choose which one works best for you.  The charbroilers and griddles come in four sizes and the hot plates are offered in 2, 4 and even 6 burner sizes and can be easily utilized in most locations.

The equipment is all made of stainless steel and perfect for versatile usage in your prep areas, next to the line, or in places that you may be catering at that don’t have actual kitchen equipment. 

As you know, Restaurant Source doesn’t mess around when it comes to discount prices!  All of these Globe equipment pieces come with free shipping so you can save even more!

Globe Countertop Cooking Equipment

Globe GlobeGlobe

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