Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Line Cook?

 As a chef, my favorite part of the kitchen is the line because that is where most of the action takes place!  The line is hot, fast-paced, loud and intense, and I LOVE IT!  Each station has its own cook, but everyone still has to work together and keep pace with each other.

Of course I have my preferences on line equipment as well.  When it comes to a gas range, I like for my sauté chef to use the 6 Burner Vulcan 36” Restaurant Range.  This gas range is made of stainless steel and has a high back shelf that prevents hot food from splattering everywhere.  The top shelf can also be used to store extra sauté supplies such as pans or utensils since space is often tight on the line.

The bright red dial knobs allow for you to see the temperature level from farther away.  The range also comes with a full width pull out crumb tray underneath the lift off burners which allows for easy cleanup.  A standard oven is also included underneath the burners, allowing for extra oven space.  Plus, free shipping!

6 Burner Vulcan 36” Restaurant Range

Vulcan - 36" Economy Gas Restaurant Range- 6 Burners (NG) - #V36-1


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