How to Determine Which Types of Refrigeration Units You Need

 Restaurant Source is offering one last chance for you to purchase refrigeration units from True Manufacturing before the prices increase!  If you are in need of a new refrigerator this week, make sure to check out True Manufacturing’s Complete Line of Refrigeration Equipment.

You may not realize it immediately, but all restaurants actually have multiple refrigeration units other then the standard walk-ins and reach-ins.  True Manufacturing also offers bar refrigeration units, chef bases, chest freezers, commercial freezers, deli and display cases, ice cream equipment, merchandiser units, coolers, prep tables, undercounter refrigeration units, and worktop refrigeration units.  If you are somewhat new to the food service industry you probably didn’t realize how many refrigeration options you actually have, and it can be a bit overwhelming to decide what you want.  I’ve included some information below so you can determine which type of True Refrigerator is best for your current needs (visit for further explanation and pictures of each)!

  • Professional bar refrigerators – These refrigerators are essential equipment for bars, restaurants, and institutions that lower costs and save space.  You can choose from a variety of back bar coolers, beer dispensers, bottle coolers, glass chillers, plate chillers, wine coolers, and wine caves all perfect for restaurant bars.
  • Chef Base Refrigerators – These refrigerators are undercounter refrigeration drawers and perfect for items that need to be kept either out of the way or separate from other things.
  • Chest Freezers – These refrigerators are horizontal and are perfect for promoting frozen novelties in high impulse retail traffic areas or for use in ice cream trucks.
  • Deli and Display Cases – A deli case or a glass door merchandiser will allow convenient and attractive displays for displaying different types of merchandise from flowers to baked goods to deli meat in an attractive way.  These cases allow customers to easily select and point to what they want.
  • Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets ­– These units are ideal for storing large amounts of ice cream in both ice cream shops or in the prep kitchen bakery area.
  • Merchandisers –Commercial Merchandisers include Ice Merchandisers, Refrigerated Merchandisers, Freezer Merchandisers, Floral Merchandisers, Wine Merchandisers and, Open Display Merchandisers.  These are perfect for displaying flowers, refrigerated or frozen food, or wine.  They have a clear door allowing customers to easily see everything that is readily available.
  • Prep Tables – These refrigeration units are ideal for salad/sandwich stations on your kitchen line because it allows the chef to readily access all the necessary ingredients without having to constantly pull ingredients out of a refrigerator below.
  • Worktop Refrigeration Tables – These tables are ideal for prep kitchens and counter space on the restaurant line.  These types of refrigeration units come with a prep table above refrigeration units making it easy for people to quickly access relevant refrigerated/frozen inventory. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about any type, or you can call the Restaurant Source to speak with a seasoned sales rep and they can help recommend the best type for your needs! 1-800-460-8402.

True Manufacturing’s Complete Line of Refrigeration Equipment

True Refrigeration


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