Keeping Your Buffet Food Hot

 No one wants to eat hot food once it is cold. Not only does it not taste as good, but if hot food goes cold, it has the potential to reach the danger zone in cooking temperatures and therefore increasing the potential of food borne illnesses. I don’t think you need me to tell you this, but obviously, that is not good…

Buffets are often served hot, but it can sometimes be difficult to keep the food hot and at a safe temperature without some sort of chafing dish or hot food table. Not to worry, the Triumph Hot Food Tables with 4 Sealed Wells from Supreme solves your temperature problem.  Hot tables are great when there is not enough countertop space for chafing dishes (you can’t put chafing dishes on the floor).  They also allow you to place your food side by side while only utilizing one electrical outlet.  Each of the four (12” x 20”) wells is individually sealed and has its own drain and temperature controls, allowing you to maintain different temperatures without having to utilize additional outlets.  You can use this hot table for both wet and dry items. 

Since it is electric, you don’t have to worry about the gas going out mid meal, and therefore causing the food to go cold.  There is an attached cutting board as well, making them perfect for one sided buffet lines or cafeterias. A shelf is also included on the bottom making it easy to store equipment underneath the table. 

Triumph Hot Food Tables with 4 Sealed Wells from Supreme

Supreme Metal - Triumph Hot Food Table w/ 4 Sealed Hot Food Wells, 120V - #SW-4E-120

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