The Purpose of Tossing Pizza Dough in the Air

 In honor of July 4th, today we are going to talk about one of my favorite foods – pizza!!  Yes, I know, pizza is not technically considered American, but it’s still delicious! 

I had the opportunity to go toItalyand sample all kinds of different pizzas while I was in culinary school.  While nothing beats eating fresh and delicious pizza in this food’s own birth country, I truly believe that it is all about the way you actually prepare the pizza and the freshness of the ingredients you use that make it so delicious.

There is a debate about whether throwing your pizza dough in the air actually serves a purpose or if it just makes you look cool.  Most people believe that when you toss pizza dough in the air, it tends to aerate it more causing the crust to become crispier.  There are some skeptics out there, but perhaps these are people who don’t like thin crust pizza…

Whether you decide to toss your pizza dough though is up to you, however you to make the dough flat before you can actually enter the tossing stage.  There are various pieces of Pizza Dough Supplies and Equipment that I recommend using in prior to the tossing stage.  I really like using a docking press for my pizza dough to flatten it out because it prevents the dough from absorbing more oil.  There is oil on your hands so the more contact you have with the dough, the higher the oil amount is.  The dough press is much gentler then a rolling pin which can actually cause your crust to separate (which is no good because in my opinion, the crust is the best part).  The dough press also makes the pizza preparation process much quicker because you don’t waste time hand rolling dough.  There are also some great tortilla presses with the same basic concept. 

If you are concerned about dough portion control, you can also check out the manual dough dividers as well as Cambro Pizza Dough Boxes for proofing and storing your dough.

I’ve recently been really into truffle oil and mushroom pizza.  What’s your favorite kind of pizza? 

Pizza Dough Supplies and Equipment


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