You Can Make More Then Just Panini’s with a Panini Grill

 Happy Bastille Day everyone!  In honor of this French holiday, I thought it would be fitting to discuss Panini Grills.  If you have ever been to France (or really any of the surrounding countries), you know that there is no shortage of sandwich shops and cafes.  Not only is there an abundance of these shops, but they are all always busy!

How do they maintain their efficiency you ask?  Well, Panini Grills are a quick and easy way to heat up a sandwich.  I like the 14” Express Panini Grill with Grooved Plates because it allows you to leave the sandwich cooking while you wait on the next customer.  Panini Grills provide that crispy texture that you don’t get if you just heat a sandwich up in the microwave or oven.  The direct contact that the grill grooves make with the sandwich bread allows for a much more authentic flavor.  It also does wonders if your sandwich includes cheese!

This Panini Grill is electric.  Both its upper and lower plates are grooved iron, which are what provide that delicious grilled flavor without making your sandwich soggy.  You can also control the temperature with the front dial.  Free shipping too!

Sandwiches are not the only thing you can make with a Panini grill.  You can make grilled vegetables, seared steak, and grilled fruit!

14” Express Panini Grill with Grooved Plates

Star - 14" Grill Express Panini Grill- Grooved (120V) - #GX14IG



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