How do you spell hors d’oeuvres?

 How much can you really say about a serving tray?  As it turns out there is actually a pretty decent amount of info on the topic.

When looking for a serving tray, it is important to buy ones that are non-skid.  Sure, there are some really cool looking ones out there, but if your items are falling all over the place when your servers are carrying them, no one will be looking at the tray, they will just be watching the what seems to be klutzy server spill their drinks.  At least the tray was pretty though…

If you don’t want this scenario to come true for you, but you want your servers to be more efficient and carry more then two drinks at once, you can invest in some economical 14” Non-Skid Round Serving Trays.  Round serving trays are the easiest style for your servers to carry.  They are also perfect for passing hors d’oeuvres, banquet style serving or cocktail waitresses.  The black color of these trays allows for a more versatile feel, making them ideal for all types of events or restaurants.

14” Non-Skid Round Serving Trays

14" Round Serving Tray, Non-Skid (black)

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