Affordable Portable Is Both Good For Your Wallet and Fun to Say!

 An important thing to keep in mind if you have a buffet is to make sure that it is portable (especially if used at an offsite catered event).  Commercial hot/cold food tables offer convenience and efficiency for bars, restaurants, and institution to keep food warm/cold during service.

Restaurant Source offers some great Affordable Portable Food Stations from Vollrath.  Try saying that five times fast…It’s fun!  These food well stations are designed to hold up to three or four hot/cold pans (depending on model).  These food stations come with overhead lights to ensure your food reaches its maximum visual appeal.  Breath guards are included above the food so that guests don’t get germs all over your food.  Locking casters are included so you don’t have to worry about your portable food station rolling away when you don’t want it to. 

These food stations are made of stainless steel and are offered in black or walnut.  Free shipping is included!

Affordable Portable Food Stations from Vollrath

Vollrath - Affordable Portable 4 Well Cold Food Station with Lights (black) - #R3871760

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