What is the term for a common brand name that is used to refer to an entire product line?

 Fun fact of the day – In kitchens, chefs often refer to their food storage containers as Cambros.  

Quick English lesson: this technique is known as a genericized trademark (also known as a brandnomer or a proprietary eponym).  A genericized trademark is a certain brand name substituted for an entire product (i.e.: Kleenex for tissues, Q-tip for cotton swab, Band-Aids for…actually does anybody know what the real product term for one of those actually is?  Is it a bandage?).  According to Wikipedia (a 100% reliable source of course…), a genericized trademark is “a trademark or brand name that has become the colloquial or generic description for, or synonymous with, a general class of product or service, rather than as an indicator of source or affiliation as intended by the trademark’s holder.”  Yeah…I like my definition better.

Anyways, back to Cambros.  Cambro Food Storage Containers are known as the most durable, heavy duty food storage containers on the market.  They come in a variety of sizes which allows you to store various items.  The lids for these containers guarantee freshness and won’t fall off during transportation.  Unlike normal plastic food storage containers that you buy at the grocery store, Cambros can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees F to 210 degrees F. 

If you freeze plastic containers, it causes them to break or expand.  If you heat them up, they will melt.  The chemicals released in that process can’t possibly be good for your health…

Cambro Food Storage Containers

Cambro Storage Containers

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