How Do You Like Your Toast?

 Are you one of those people that sits by the toaster waiting for your bread to pop up, but then you get startled the second it actually pops?  You may be startled, but you still enjoy the delicious toasted bread.  I’m craving a sandwich now…

Sometimes though, you just don’t have enough time to wait for your bread to toast and you wish you had a faster toaster.  If you are looking for a faster toaster, the Hatco Four Slot Pop-Up Toaster is a great option.  Not only is this stainless steel toaster faster, it’s also economical, versatile, and dependable.  You can toast everything from bread to waffles to English muffins.  The removable crumb tray makes it easy to clean too.

Hatco Four Slot Pop-Up Toaster

Hatco - 4 Slot Pop-Up Toaster - #TPT-120R

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