Which Color Bowl Is Best for Your Decor?

 Why use plain serving bowls when you can spice it up with pretty ones?  Color goes a long way with catering because people will remember the little details of the event.  If guests like the serving ware (obviously in addition to the food), it can actually lead to great word of mouth for your company.  Guests decide that thy like your setup so they ask the host who did the catering so they can use you in the future.  Servingware may seem trivial, but the décor of an event really does go a long way.

Not only should serving bowls look good, but they should obviously fill a purpose.  The Colored Serving Bowls from Vollrath not only look good, but they come with an insulated stainless steel interior which keeps your food from going cold/warm to quickly.  These bowls do not sweat so your food will not become unnecessarily mushy.  Plus, they are dishwasher safe and do not require any preheating or chilling.  You can choose from a large variety of colors or you can use them all at once, as well as both square and round shaped.

I like to use a variety of bowl colors to differentiate certain food items and make it more fun, i.e.: vegetables in the green bowls, pasta in the yellow bowls, seafood in the blue bowls, etc.  They are also great for buffets, side dishes, or sauces.

Colored Serving Bowls from Vollrath

Vollrath - Round Colored Serving Bowl, Double Wall Insulated, 10.1 qt. (classic black black) - #4656960


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