What to Look for When Purchasing an Oven

 When looking to buy an oven, there are a lot of factors to take into account.  Do you want a conventional oven or a convection oven?  Single oven or double oven?  Do you want there to be a stove on top?  How long do you want the timer to last or will you be using an external timer?  How much space do you need inside of the oven? Etc.  Overwhelmed yet?  Don’t worry, you won’t be once you read below.

If you are a smaller establishment that only cooks some things in the oven or a larger establishment looking for additional oven space, then a single deck oven is a good choice.  As far as convection ovens go, they tend to be perceived as a better choice for even cooking, whereas conventional ovens tend to be used more in baking (although there are plenty of exceptions to both).  As far as stove top ovens go, these tend to be conventional ovens and a great choice in restaurants as an addition to your convection oven.  If you will be cooking things for extended periods of time and want to use a timer, you will probably want to get an oven with an electronic timer rather then a dial (however these are often more expensive) or you can use an external electronic timer and cook multiple items at once.

If you choose to go with a single deck convection oven, check out the SilverStar Gas Convection Oven from Southbend.  This oven is made of stainless steel and can maintain temperatures ranging from 140 to 500 degrees F.  The oven doors are hinged on both sides of the oven, making it easier to reach in then an oven that is hinged at the bottom.  The glass window doors and interior light allow you to see inside so you don’t have to constantly open the doors and let the heat out just to check your food.

SilverStar Gas Convection Oven from Southbend

Southbend - SilverStar Gas Convection Oven- Single Deck- Standard Depth - #SLGS-12SC (NG)


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