Perks of a Combo

 Are you debating about whether to buy a combo ice bin or just an ice maker or just an ice bin?  Let’s discuss some of the things to consider. 

If you are starting off from scratch, I HIGHLY recommend a combo ice machine and bin because not only is it cheaper to buy the two together, but if you are producing a lot of ice, you are going to need somewhere to store it.  You have the option to just buy a bin and then fill it with store bought ice, however this is a tedious process…  Of course you could just buy the ice machine and store the ice in the freezer, but then it takes up extra freezer space.  On the other hand, it does not take up any extra floor space to place the combo machine and bin because the bin goes directly on top of the ice machine which allows you to conserve valuable prep space.

If you are looking to purchase a combo ice machine and bin, check out the Manitowoc Combo Ice Machines & Bins.  These machines range in production size from 310 lbs of ice per 24 hour period to 1,380 lbs of ice per 24 hour period so there are options for all levels of volume.

Manitowoc Combo Ice Machines & Bins

Manitowoc - 450 lb. Ice Machine and B400 Bin Combo- Air Cooled - #IY-0454A/B-400 (Half Dice)


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