New Water Fountain Helps Schools and Businesses Go Green!

 As a restaurant owner (or really any business owner), I know how important it is to ensure that my company is sustainable, both in long term business and in maintaining a healthy environemnt.  Who doesn’t love the environment?  I’m not saying you have to be a tree hugger or anything like that, but you should at least treat the environment well so your kids and their kids, etc have the same standard of living that was available to you.  An extremely easy way to give back to the environment is to cut back on the amount of plastic water bottles we all use and throw away.  These bottles go straight to the landfill.  Recycling is good, but not using these plastic bottles in the first place is even better! 

I know you have been told to recycle hundreds of times, but you don’t feel like you are making a difference by just recycling the bottles that you personally use.  You really want to have an effect on other people too.  A great way to influence other people’s action is with an Elkay Water Fountain w/ Attached Bottle Filling Station.  You may ask how a drinking fountain is going to help save the environment, but in reality it goes a long way and is hard for the general public to ignore.

The best thing about this drinking fountain is that it has a visual user interface display which includes a Green Ticker that actually keeps track of the number of bottles saved from the landfill every time someone takes a drink!  It also encourages people to drink more water by filling up a reusable water bottle rather then purchasing disposable plastic water bottles.  There is also a no touch sensor which eliminates nasty germs from congregating on the fountain.

This is a great way to monitor your green progress because it allows people to actually see the impact that they have and the amount of landfill space you are saving!  I like to compare this water fountain to a pedometer scenario.  People who wear pedometers tend to walk further because they see the amount of calories burned and the distance walked actually increase as they go, which motivates them to walk even more.  Say someone walks 3.72 miles.  Rather then stopping, this person will most likely continue to walk until they reach 4 miles because it psychologically seems so much closer then if they were not to have the pedometer constantly monitoring their progress.

This water fountain is GREAT for schools, community centers, airports, movie theaters, and really anywhere that the general public can access.  They are also great if you want to boost employee/student morale in your restaurant kitchen, office building, schools etc because you can instigate certain goals and your employees/students can easily monitor their progress.  You can even have competitions with other restaurants or school.  Kids not only LOVE these kinds of competitions, but it’s also a great way to teach them about water conservation at the same time!  Additionally, these water fountains encourage kids to drink more water rather then soda or high sugar juices, therefore aiding the school in doing their part to decrease childhood obesity, a vastly growing trend (no pun intended).

Elkay Water Fountain w/ Attached Bottle Filling Station

Elkay - Water Fountain with Bottle Filling Station, No-Touch Sensor - #EZS8WSLK

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