With a Name Like Prestige, It Has To Be Good

 You can’t have drinks without glasses to put the liquid in.  You don’t want to serve fancy wine in cheap plastic wine glasses.  There is just something so sophisticated about drinking that fancy wine out of that nice glass.

Luckily, you can find a sophisticated glassware line in the Prestige Glassware Line from ABC without paying a higher price.  The Prestige Glassware line includes a variety of fully tempered stemware (wine, goblet and champagne glasses) to choose from.  These glasses are perfect for any occasion, and you can feel comfortable serving them with any quality of liquor or beverage.

As a brief wine overview (we will talk more about this in the future so keep checking back), goblets tend to be made of thicker glass then wine glasses and are used more often as water glasses.  There is also a difference in red and white wine glasses.  Red wine glasses are full bodied so that the wine can breathe and aerate easier.  White wine glasses tend to be smaller and more narrow in size.

Prestige Glassware Line from ABC

ABC - Prestige Balloon Wine Glass, 13 oz. - #15659AB


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