Don’t Let Your Beverages Turn Lukewarm Before Your Patrons Actually Receive Their Drinks!

 When you order a cold drink at a restaurant, you expect it to actually be served cold.  It’s no fun to order a cold drink, but then have it turn lukewarm immediately due to the hot temperature of the glass.  I mean seriously, who wants to drink lukewarm liquid?

I have found that the best way to avoid this problem (especially in these hot summer months where everything is exponentially hotter) is to use a glass/plate chiller.  I like the True Glass and Plate Chillers.  You can choose from a variety of sizes and number of shelves depending on your volume.  These freezer units remain at 0 degrees F and below so you can quickly chill your plates and glasses.  You can rotate out items more often due to its efficient chilling techniques.  Some models include an automatic defrost option and/or a removable bottle opener and cap catcher.  You can choose from black or stainless steel.  All models have free shipping so you can save a lot of money.  Can’t argue with that!

True Glass and Plate Chillers

True T-50-GC-S - 50" Glass/Plate Chiller- S/S Exterior


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