Portable Induction Range Only Weighs 12 lbs!

 When you cater an event, it is important to determine what you will be cooking onsite and what will have to be prepped beforehand.  As a safe bet, the more you can prep beforehand, the better.  You don’t want to keep guests waiting because you are still prepping things that could have been prepped earlier. At the same time though, some foods are just exponentially better when served fresh (ie: omelets).  It is also important to take into account if there will be tableside cooking/buffet or if you will be preparing everything from an on-site prep kitchen or back area.

If the location does not have an actual kitchen, you will have to bring your own equipment.  You obviously don’t want to lug a large six burner restaurant range with you (nor is it even remotely feasible), so you will want to invest in some countertop cooking equipment.  A countertop induction range is great for catered events and large parties. 

I like the Countertop Induction Range from Centaur because it only weighs 12 lbs (Pretty much anyone can lift 12 lbs, but if you can’t…well…maybe it’s time for you to hit the gym…)!  I think it is one of the most efficient countertop models on the market.  This induction range has 10 power levels which allow it to act as a normal burner. Unlike a normal burner though, it has 31 temperature holding positions.  That’s like one holding position for each flavor of Baskin Robbins ice cream (it being 31 flavors and all…)!  Anyways now that I have put that in to perspective, it also has an LED screen to inform you of the exact temperature.  An automatic shut-off mode is also included, making this model a very safe option.

Countertop Induction Range from Centaur

Centaur - Induction Range- Countertop - #AIN10


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