Make Sure Your Restaurant is Prepared in the Case of a Natural Disaster or Power Outage!

 Did anyone feel the earthquake in Colorado last night?  It was a 5.3 magnitude near the border of Colorado and New Mexico, but we felt it all the way up in Denver!  It was the largest earthquake in Colorado in 40 years!  Although we didn’t loose power, you never know when you will run into an emergency in which you do lose power forcing you to resort to desperate measures to save your valuable inventory from spoiling.

If you do lose power, all of your refrigerators will stop working, forcing your cold foods to enter dangerous temperatures where bacteria development is common.  Harmful bacteria can grow between 41° to 140° F.  A refrigerator generally maintains a holding temperature of 31-38 degrees F so it does not take long for your food to go from 38 to 41 degrees F. 

The San Jamar Rapi-Kool Cold Paddles are a great way to keep food cold in a pinch.  Rapi-Kool Cold Paddles are also made to chill hot food to a palatable temperature without it having to sit for a long time and enter the danger zone.  These cold paddles cool products from the “inside out” so products chill faster and more evenly.  Rapi-Kool Paddles are also great for keeping chilled food at a cold enough temperature without having to refrigerate it.

San Jamar Rapi-Kool Cold Paddles

San Jamar - Rapi-Kool Cold Paddle- 128 oz. - #RCU128

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