Convection Ovens vs. Regular Ovens

 The majority of customers claim that they will walk out of a restaurant if their food takes more then 30 minutes to arrive after they place their order.  This may seem like a lot of time to a customer, but to a kitchen this means they have to act quickly because they are not just cooking for one table (although many customers still don’t quite understand why their food isn’t the most important…).

As we have discussed in the past, efficiency and time management are extremely important in a commercial kitchen.  In order to maximize efficiency, it is important that kitchens use their equipment to its fullest potential.  Convection Ovens are the most popular type of oven used in a kitchen because they cook food faster then regular ovens.  While there are a few things that cook better in regular ovens (ie: cheesecake), convection ovens are more versatile.  It is important to have both in your kitchen.  I generally recommend a double deck convection oven (Vulcan Double Deck Convection Ovens are a good option) as well as a range in your prep area and one on the back line (both of which contain undercounter regular ovens).  Convection ovens are geared towards all around cooking because they contain a fan that blows the hot air around the oven, whereas regular ovens cook from the bottom up.

When cooking in a convection oven, you may need to decrease the temperature or extend the cooking time. 

Vulcan Double Deck Convection Ovens

Vulcan - VC Series Gas Convection Oven- Double Deck (NG) - #VC44GD (NG)


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