Intro to Basic Knives 101

 One of the most important things to a chef is his/her knife set.  No, not in a gruesome way.  There is just something so great about freshly sharpened knives that only a chef can understand.  Since Chef’s are so particular with their knives, they tend to have their own sets so others don’t ruin them.  Some chef’s value their knife set like other people value their first born child… 

Sharp and long lasting knives are vital because you want your presentation to be clean cut.  You don’t want your food to look messy and unappetizing just because your knives don’t cut well.  One of the best lines of knives is the Wusthof Cutlery Line.  This line of cutlery is a brand new arrival to so the sale prices are fantastic right now!  Wusthof carries a large variety of knives in both the Pro and Classic Collection.  Knives are purchased individually or you can purchase multiple knives to create your own set. I have provided some brief definitions of some of the more common knives below so you can determine which type(s) best fits your needs.  Don’t forget to check out carrying cases too so you can keep your “children” (aka knives for those of you that didn’t catch that reference) safe.

Santoku Knife – These knives are commonly used in preparing fine Asian or Western cuisine due to its accurate strength.

Bread Knife – Large serrated (wavy edge) knives that are perfect for slicing delicate items with a lot of crumbs (ie bread)

Chef’s/Cook’s Knife – Perfect for all around kitchen needs and large amounts of prep work.  These knives are often very strong.

Paring Knife – Great for mincing herbs and onions as well as cleaning and cutting vegetables.  Paring knives are also great for creating edible garnishes or detailed decorations in your food (ie: carving details in radishes or carrots)

Slicing Knife – The title is self explanatory, but these knives are great for slicing large cuts of meat and other dense foods.  They are often used in conjunction with carving forks to carve large cuts of meats.

Utility Knife – These knives are generally smaller then a chef’s knife, but great for cutting sandwiches or small baguettes.

Wusthof Cutlery Line

Wusthof - 7" Santoku Hollow Edge - #4183-7


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