Do You Know What The Danger Zone Temperature Range Is?

 There are multiple options for maintaining your buffet food temperatures including hot food tables, heat lamps, and chafing dishes.  Each of these is best used for different settings.  Hot food tables are great for cafeterias.  Oftentimes people order food in a restaurant and it is not all finished cooking at once.  If some of the food is hot, you want to make sure it stays hot so you can still bring everything out at once.  In this scenario, the best way to keep food hot is with a heat lamp. 

One of the most needed pieces of equipment at a catered event are chafing dishes.  Chafers keep your prepared food hot in buffet lines so your food still tastes good.  Not only do chafers keep your food hot for taste, but the heat also keeps your food out of the temperature danger zone (40 °F – 140°F).  In addition to it’s obvious benefits, chafers also make your food presentation look more appealing.  As we mentioned in the past, if a guest doesn’t think the food looks appetizing, it doesn’t matter how good it tastes, they have already determined that they won’t like it.  Presentation is key.

The 8 Qt. Roll Top Chafing Dish from Thunder Group is oblong and adorned with gold colored handles.  It’s a very appealing piece with an equally appealing price.  The stainless steel mirror finish makes this piece easy to clean as well as provides a sophisticated look.  All you have to do is add the chafing fuel underneath the chafer, and the heat source comes from below.

8 Qt. Roll Top Chafing Dish from Thunder Group

Thunder Group -8 qt. Roll Top Chafing Dish- Oblong w/ Gold Accents - #SLRCF0171G

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