Homemade Whipped Cream Tops Store Bought Any Day!

 One of the most useful pieces of kitchen equipment is my countertop mixer.  Countertop mixers sometimes go overlooked, but I think they are a necessity for any commercial food operation!  They are so versatile and come with a variety of mixing utensils including a dough hook, batter beater, and wire whisk.  Some models also come with a shield to protect your ingredients from flying all over the place when on higher power levels.  I can’t imagine mixing everything that I use this for by hand, it would take hours! 

For example, take whipped cream.  Fresh hand whipped cream is so much better then that fake stuff that comes in a can.  In order to make fresh whip cream though, you have to whip the cream for a long time.  It’s a great workout for your arm, but a huge waste of time for your kitchen.  Countertop mixers such as the Tabletop Planetary Mixer from Berkel can whip your cream in a fraction of the time!  Plus, you don’t have to babysit the machine so you can do something else while the cream whips.  I’m a big fan of multi-tasking (I am a chef after all, it’s part of the job description). 

This Berkel Mixer holds up to 20 quarts, and comes with 5 speed options, one of which is a blend speed which eliminates your mixture from splashing.  Yes, we have all seen a commercial/movie/TV show where they “forget” to put the top on a blender and the mixture goes all over the kitchen.  This mixer comes with a bowl guard as well as a 15 minute max timer that will allow you to select an automatic shut off time.  It also has a variable speed motor that allows you to easily shift mixer speeds without stopping.

Tabletop Planetary Mixer from Berkel

Berkel - 20 qt. Tabletop Planetary Mixer - #FMS20

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