Smothered, Covered, or Fried?

 I can’t believe it’s already October!  2011 is seriously almost over.  The leaves are starting to change and the weather is getting colder.  People are starting to order more hot food too (I can’t wait to start sipping on some hot chocolate).

I am a big fan of fried food.  Seriously, who isn’t?  Since most restaurants have some sort of fried food on their menu, they have to have a deep fryer.  Obviously, the amount of fried food that you want to produce will depict which size fryer you need.  If you only offer a couple fried options on your menu, a countertop fryer may be the best way to go. If you produce a large volume of fried food, you will probably choose to go with a floor model fryer.  The SilverLine Gas Fryer from Anets is a large volume pulse igniter (no electricity required) fryer that can produce up to 90 lbs of fried food per hour!  That’s a lot of French fries…

Are you the one who gets stuck with the fun job of cleaning the fryer?  Due to its 150,000 BTU’s from only four tubes, this model is not only one of the most efficient, but also the easiest to clean model on the market!  The time you save on cleaning this machine allows for you to focus on other important things such as world peace.

SilverLine Gas Fryer from Anets

Anets - SilverLine Gas Fryer, 70 - 100 lb. fat capacity (NG) - #SLG100

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