Determine Which Type of Knife is Best for Your Culinary Needs

 Every chef needs good quality knives.  No, I don’t mean that in a morbid way.  Not only does a good set of knives make for a more efficient kitchen, but there is just something so great about freshly sharpened knives that only a chef can understand.  Since we chefs are so particular with their knives, we tend to have our own sets so others don’t ruin them.  It’s also important to have sharp and long lasting knives because you want your presentation to be clean cut, you don’t want it to look messy just because your knives don’t cut well.  Your food could be amazing, but if your presentation doesn’t look good, people will be influenced before they even taste your food.

Some chef’s like to store their knives in cases, while others prefer knife blocks.  Regardless of which they choose, they will need to purchase a sharpening steel to sharpen their knives.  There are a very large variety of knives to choose from, and the Dexter Cutlery Line offers a large variety of options. Choose from chef’s knives, boning knives, bread knives, boning knives, carving knives, cheese knives, cleavers, steak knives, fish knives, carving fork and knife sets, Japanese style knives, oyster knives, paring knives, slicers, spreaders, utility knives, and many more all for greatly discounted prices!

Dexter Cutlery Line

Connoisseur - 8" Cook's Knife (12002) - #45-8PCP


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