How to Provide More Then Just Food at Your Restaurant; Provide an Experience

 Food is often at its finest when it is prepared fresh.  Prepared food doesn’t really get any fresher then tableside cooking.  Not only does tableside cooking make everything extremely fresh, it also is really fun for the customer and provides an added experience that stands out from other places.

Since you can’t just roll out your restaurant range from your prep kitchen (although that’s quite a comical vision), you are going to need something more portable for tableside cooking. A countertop induction range is your best bet because you can easily move it around or transport it from place to place if you are catering. 

Vollrath has a great line of induction cookers.  They require very little maintenance, and are great for use as a warming station.  Most models have LED or digital display screens to inform you of the current cooking temperature.  An automatic shut-off mode is also included in a lot of the model options.  Now, for a limited time, purchase any of the Vollrath Induction Cookers from Restaurant Source and receive free cookware!

Vollrath Induction Cookers

Vollrath - Vollrath Professional Series Induction Range, Drop-In, 208/240V - #69521

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