Yes, People Are Judging Your Restaurant On More Then Just The Food

 You don’t want to showcase your items by just putting them in a pile on your counter.  Customers will initially judge your store/restaurant/café, etc based on the appearance of your food and store cleanliness.  If people see a messy establishment, they assume that the food is unsanitary or expired, because if the establishment can’t keep up with their visual appeal, why would you assume that the food is any different? 

A great way to showcase prepared food is with a glass door merchandiser.  Merchandisers are often refrigerated, and can range from full size to display cases to countertop.  Refrigerated merchandisers serve a dual purpose because they allow you to keep food cold while displaying it to the public at the same time.  The glass doors allow your customers to see what the food looks like to gain that visual appeal without you having to constantly grab food from the less pretty refrigerators in the back.

The Turbo Air Diamond Glass Merchandisers are refrigerated show cases with polished glass on all four sides.  The four sided show cases are perfect for displaying food on your countertop because customers can see what is in it from all angles.  You can also choose from the one or two door models depending on whether you want just your customers or employees (1 door) to have access to the goodies, or if you want both to have access (2 door, Pass Thru).  An LED lighting system is included so you can be sure that your food is displayed in the most appealing way.

Turbo Air Diamond Glass Merchandisers

Turbo Air - Diamond Glass Merchandiser- Pass-Thru 3.0 cu. ft. - #CRT-77-2R


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