Their is a Fine Line Between Quality Sushi and Mediocre Sushi

 Who doesn’t love sushi?!  It’s one of my favorite foods!  One of the most important things when serving sushi is to ensure it’s freshness.  You definitely don’t want your customers to get sick from the fish just because it is not fresh.  Many people are very leery of sushi so it is extremely important that you keep it fresh.

Most refrigerators are too cold for sushi because they make the rice hard.  Sushi is basically an art form, if it’s not served at exactly the right temperature, it doesn’t taste good.  The best way to ensure that your fish is kept at the right temperature is with a refrigerated sushi case.  Most patrons like sitting at the sushi bar to watch the sushi chef make their sushi (yes, I just used the word sushi three times in that sentence…). 

The Sakura Sushi Cases from Turbo Air come in a variety of sizes, and look great on display.  Your fish is showcased in a high quality curved glass that makes all food look appealing.  They are very easy to clean, and are extremely durable.

What’s your favorite kind of sushi?

Sakura Sushi Cases from Turbo Air

Turbo Air Sushi Cases

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