Keep Warm in the Cold

 Now that the weather is getting colder and certain regions of the country are facing large snow storms, you have to figure out another way to capitalize on your patio space.  Yes, you can obviously wrap your patio to make it feel like you are inside, but no matter how warm the plastic walls keep your patio, you are still technically outside and it will be much colder without any source of heat.  People will not want to sit outside if it is freezing.  Yes, there are other options! Your outdoor patio does not have to hibernate for the winter.

Everyone loves sitting by a fireplace, but the heat from a fireplace only reaches so far.  Your best option is to go with an outdoor heater.  The Insta-Heat Patio Heater from Crown Verity is safe for both indoors and outdoors.  This heater actually heats the air rather then surrounding objects in its path.  It does not emit any harmful UV rays like that of some other heaters.  These heaters come with waterproof casing so you don’t have to worry about rain destroying them either.  The best part?  It only costs $0.18 per hour to run the heater and it only weighs 5 lbs!

Now, if you purchase the Crown Verity Insta-Heat Heater and Portable Heater Stand from, you will receive a free remote!

Insta-Heat Patio Heater from Crown Verity

Crown Verity CV-EH-1500 - Insta-Heat Infrared Patio Heater

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