How Do You Burn Yourself with a Wet Dish Rag You Ask?

  Obviously you can’t just take a hot pan out the oven without any sort of protection between your skin and the pan (at least I hope that is obvious to you…).  Sure, you can use kitchen rags to grab your pans, and yes, they are convenient, but often times your dish rags get wet, and using a wet rag to take a hot sheet pan out of the oven is like shooting yourself in the foot.  It’s just asking for an injury…

A great way to prevent yourself from potential burns with wet rags is to use oven mitts.  After all, oven mitts are rarely mistaken for rags and used to wipe up wet spills.  Since you are constantly taking things out of the oven, you don’t want just any oven mitt.  You will need something heavy duty and durable.  The Brown Halco Kitchen Grip Oven Mitt allows for heat protection at up to 500°F, and is made of flexible, non porous material so it won’t absorb and hold liquid like that of a rag, therefore highly diminishing your chance of getting burned.

Brown Halco Kitchen Grip Oven Mitt

Browne Halco 5441802 - Kitchen Grip Oven Mitt

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