Zenix Dinnerware is Virtually Unbreakable!!

 A good rule of thumb for a new restaurant is to purchase four times the number of dining room seats in dinnerware.  So if you have a 100 person capacity restaurant, you would purchase 400 dinner plates.

It is safe to say that most restaurants break about 20 – 25% of their plates at some point while in business.  Knowing this, restaurants purchase more dinnerware to begin with in order to plan ahead for the inevitable breakage.  Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about broken dishes.  You could save 25% on your dinnerware expenses!

If you want to save money when purchasing dinnerware (and why wouldn’t you), check out the Zenix Unbreakable Dinnerware from Cardinal.  This line of dinnerware is without a doubt virtually unbreakable.  You can throw it across the room, drop it on the hard floor, run into another person, etc and it won’t break!  If you don’t believe me, check out this video where we show steel balls being dropped onto Zenix plates without even leaving a scratch!

Now for a limited time, you can actually receive cash back for donating to charity this holiday season!  Donate your old dinnerware to a local charity, and replace it with Zenix.  Receive $1 for every plate you donate and replace with a Zenix model on behalf of Restaurant Source and Cardinal!  Just fill out and submit this form.  You can also call Restaurant Source at 1-800-765-0274 for donation place recommendations or if you need any further assistance.

Note: If you own a Greek restaurant that yells Opa! and breaks plates for show, don’t buy Zenix…

Zenix Unbreakable Dinnerware from Cardinal

Zenix Dinnerware Line

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