Commercial Restaurant Ranges vs. Professional Style Ranges for the Home

 Ever wonder what the difference is between an actual commercial restaurant range and a professional style range for your home kitchen?  Although these two may look the same, there are differences in each that make it hard to justify substituting one for the other in either setting.

Commercial restaurant ranges are often less expensive then the home version of a restaurant style range.  Why you ask?  A commercial kitchen is made up of mainly stainless steel appliances, therefore there are no flammable materials around them like there would be in a home.  Commercial ranges require you to take slightly more precautions because they produce more heat into the surrounding area.  On the other hand, all home appliances are specially designed to be safely surrounded by wood cabinets, laminate countertops, etc.  These extra precautions that are involved in the home version of restaurant style ranges, require additional costs which is why they are more expensive.

Commercial ranges have a pilot burner that is always on, therefore causing more heat, whereas professional style ranges for your home often have electronic spark igniters that are only turned on when you use the range.  Home range burners have a lower BTU level which also keeps the heat level in the room in check.  The knobs on commercial ranges often get hotter then the knobs on professional style ranges for the home because there is no insulation in them, whereas the home version stove tends to be insulated and therefore stays cooler to the touch. 

All of this being said, the 6 Burner Vulcan 36” Gas Restaurant Range is a great commercial restaurant model option.  It also comes with bright red knobs that appeal more in a fully stocked stainless steel kitchen.

6 Burner Vulcan 36” Gas Restaurant Range

Vulcan V36-1 - 36" Economy Gas Restaurant Range- 6 Burners


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