Largest Commercial Blender on the Market

 Every kitchen needs a blender for one thing or another.  It could be for your bar or it may just be for your back of the house prep needs.  Regardless of your purposes, commercial restaurants tend to need more heavy duty blenders then a blender you would use at home. 

Most blenders hold up to 48 oz, but the Waring 1 Gallon Blender holds up to one full gallon (just in case you couldn’t guess that by the product title), which is 128 ounces.  You no longer have to prepare multiple batches of blended sauces because this container is big enough to do it all at once, therefore making it a huge time saver (which is always a good thing in a prep kitchen)!  This Waring blender container is made of stainless steel and is extremely heavy duty.  It has three speed options and two handles.  Even though the container is made of stainless steel, you can still see through the clear polycarbonate lid from the top.  It’s perfect for making all of that homeade salsa or dip that your restaurant is so famous for!

Waring 1 Gallon Blender

Waring CB15 - 1 gal. Food Blender w/ S/S Container- 3 Speeds


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